Heat Pump Hot Water System

Harness the energy from the air to heat your water

This renewable energy water heating technology will reduce home energy costs whilst providing a plentiful supply of hot water day and night in all weather conditions. 

  • Eco Power
  • Smart Vacation
  • Smart Boost
  • Low Noise
  • High Efficiency
  • Frost Proof
  • Anti Freeze
  • Overheat proof
  • Legionella Proof
  • Micro Channel

Enviro Heat Pump Pricing

200L $2,890*

250L $2,990*

*Price includes - Complete installation including labour, all materials and electrical, Form 4 QBCC.

**Conditions of sale**

  • 29 STC’s signed over to BCJ Plumbing.
  • Subject to Client supplying Local Council Rates Notice and signing STC Form on completion of installation.

Whilst stocks last

For further information, visit www.enviroheatpump.com.au or download the full specifications here or click the image below.

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