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We can’t live without hot water! That’s why it is imperative you have the correct system installed in your home or office, and choose the correct hot water system installation team. If you are having problems with your hot water tank or system, chances are it needs servicing or replacement.


We can help you choose the right hot water system for your home – and we even offer a free quoting service we can attend and work out the correct system for your family and lifestyle. Some factors to consider when choosing the right hot water system include:

  • What type of energy can you use (gas, solar, electric etc)
  • What size system do you need (this depends on numerous factors such as number of bathrooms, number of householders etc)
  • Space considerations for indoors and outdoors – this will help you determine where your system should be installed around your home or office
  • Features required such as temperature controls, warranty etc
  • There's nothing worse than a cold shower but BCJ's technicians will get that warmth back into your life super fast.
  • We service and install all manner of Hot Water Systems - Solar hot water, Electric Hot Water, Gas Hot Water and Heat Pump Hot Water
  • If requested, we can supply you with a temporary 50L HWS to get you through the weekend
  • We are fully licensed and meet the QBCC requirements for the disconnection, removal and installation of all Hot Water Systems
  • We can fault find over the phone with you to assist you with speedy identification and installation of your HWS. With our expert advice, we will have your hot water running again in no time.
  • We stock a wide range of hot water systems, but more importantly, we provide the right type and size of hot water system for installation in your household or office.
  • We also offer full hot water system maintenance services, so give us a call if you want to know anything at all to do with hot water.

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