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Solar Hot Water Systems

Uncompromised quality and performance

Combining European solar collectors and precision engineered storage tanks, Leda Solar Hot Water Systems have been designed to provide:

  • Industry leading efficiency and performance
  • Long service life backed by peace of mind warranty
  • Optimum STCs delivering unrivalled value for money
  • Low cost, reliable hot water 24 hours a day.

In a Leda Solar Hot Water System, high efficency solar collectors heat the water. Cold water is pumped from the storage tank to the solar collectors on the roof. The headed water is returned to the storage tank ready for use.

Leda Solar HWS Pricing

315L $3,595

250L $3,495

*Price includes - Complete installation including labour, all materials and electrical, Form 4 QBCC.

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For further information download the full specifications here or click the image below.

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